In september 2019, BORGHINO completed its independency in Cabin services by acquiring the last generation of industrial Painting/Oven installation.

Length (int.) 6.30 m
Width (int.) 4.00 m
Height (int.) 2.40 m
Air flow 30.000 m3/h

Located in a dust-free zone, this installation enables our painters to deliver to our customers painted parts that are compliant with the technical specifications and with a high level of finishing :

  • Anti-corrosion and corrective Primer ;
  • apprêt ;
  • Topcoat (solvent-borne or water-based) ;
  • Varnish ;
  • Corrective Putty (water-based).

Our « Special Process » is currently being completed, thanks to internal trainings and destructive adhesion tests performed by the experts of MAPAERO©. We have internally validated the most efficient painting process to apply depending on the substrate :

  • Aluminum sheets ;
  • PA powder sintering ;
  • Composite and aluminum honeycomb panels ;
  • Thermoplastics;
  • ...

Additional means :

  • Sanding installation (1mx1m)